T2 Instructors

T2 Training Center takes pride in the selection of their instructors. Our baseball instructors are former MLB, MiLB, and College experienced players, our softball instructors are former D1 experienced players and our Speed Trainer holds a Masters Degree in Kinesiology along with College playing experience. We as former players believe that in order to maximize an athletes potential and ability to compete at the highest level in their sport should learn from those athletes that played and succeeded at those levels. We as instructors pass along not only the physical fundamental and advance skills and techniques that are successful, but the on field mental and tactical approach that comes only from playing experience that will teach them how to gain advantage and separate themselves from the competition. 

Brian Turang - (909) 240-9975

Hitting, Fielding (Baseball and Softball)

Seattle Mariners / Toronto Blue Jays

Loyola Marymount University

Long Beach CC

Kevin Olsen - (951) 515-0326


Florida Marlins - World Series Champion

University of Oklahoma

Riverside CC

Kenny Barton - (619) 933-2462


San Francisco Giants Organization / Cleveland Indians Organization

Austin Monte - (951) 500-5159

Hitting, Fielding

Riverside CC

Joe Scott - (951) 317-7106

Hitting, Fielding

Colorado Rockies Organization

Cal State Fullerton

Eric Wetzel - (951) 237-0720

Hitting, Catching (Softball)

Colorado Rockies Organization

Fresno State University

Brandon Oliver - (951) 454-1640

Catching, Hitting, Sports Specific Strength Trainier

Lake Erie Crushers - Professional Independent League

Western Oregon University

Kristi De Vries - (951) 233-4146

Softball Pitching

Ohio State University

Keith Coury - (951) 675-2208

Quest Speed

Speed, Power, and Explosion Trainer

Master in Kinesiology