About T2

Welcome to the home of Turnin 2 Professional Training Center. The center  was designed to give those athletes who have the desire to maximize their potential and have a dream of taking their game to the highest level the greatest opportunity to become successful. As a former Major Leaguer, Coach Turang feels that there are two areas that are crucial to a player’s development opportunity.  First, there is a need for instructors who have experience playing at the highest level. These instructors also have a desire to help athletes achieve their goals of maximizing their potential in hopes of playing at the highest level. This level of instruction plays a crucial role not only in the physical development of an athlete but also in the development of preparation, knowledge, strategy, technical and tactical areas of a player's game. How can an instructor train an athlete to compete at the highest level when the instructor has no experience at that level? This type of development is what creates separation between good and great players; and great is our goal! Secondly, there is a need for a facility with a positive, friendly, and hard working environment where players have a commonality in attaining their desires and dreams. This type of environment creates chemistry and a working relationship between athletes within the facility where they are challenged and pushed to work hard to attain their personal goals. T2 demands that when students leave the training center, they leave a better player!